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Steps to get started

Enrollment & Setup

We'll tell you more about the program, check in with your doctor, verify your insurance, and complete a clinical evaluation. We'll also set you up on our app and the devices. The result is a program tailor-made for you.


Personalized Coaching

Through our app, you’ll have direct access to your dedicated care team. Over 12 weeks, you’ll have weekly one-on-ones with your care team. You’ll also participate in group education and exercise sessions catered to your health needs. Your loved ones can join you, to support you in your recovery.


After you complete the 12 week program, you can keep the app and devices, and maintain access to your care team through our remote monitoring program. Our goal is to support you on your lifelong journey towards a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Patient Stories

Our program has helped thousands of patients improve their cardio-vascular health, avoid second heart attacks and improve their quality of life. Listen to their stories.


The Right Decision for Your Heart:

Why Choose Our Online Program

Lower Rehab Costs

Many patients struggle with the copays required to participate in cardiac rehab, especially when considering that it is typically three times a week for twelve weeks. Our program is often covered fully by insurance, leaving little to no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Fewer Visits

Taking time off of work to attend cardiac rehab can be difficult, and attending three times a week during work hours for twelve weeks is a unique scheduling difficulty for most. Our program requires no in-person visits, making it more convenient for you to participate.

24/7 Heart Health Support

Always connected, always cared for. Day or night, we're always here for you. With our app, you can chat with your health team whenever you need to. We also use special tools to keep an eye on your vitals and symptoms , so we can give you the right help at the right time.

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