A note from our founders on the recent $6M funding and plans for future growth

May 10, 2021

A note from our founders on the recent $6M funding and plans for future growth

We are delighted to announce that Moving Analytics has received $6 million in new investment from several leading investors including Aphelion Capital, OCA Venture, Nueterra Capital, and Seae Ventures.

The past year has been an incredibly challenging one for the world at large with COVID-19 claiming so many lives and disrupting every aspect of our lives and society.  A silver lining has been the broad adoption of tele-health and virtual care from all stakeholders including patients, providers, and payer especially in the field of cardiac rehab.  

We believe these events have presented a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to fix the systemic issue of access to care, which has prevented so many people from being able to receive the benefits of cardiac rehab and other essential health services.  So, we went out to secure new financing so we can make virtual cardiac rehab standard of care and achieve the Million Hearts goal of 70% cardiac rehab participation.

In this letter we'd like to share with you our plans for the new funding and how we would like to partner with you to achieve it.

A special thanks  

First, to our existing customers, thank you. We cannot emphasize how grateful we are to have you be a part of our journey. Your feedback has helped shape our offerings and brought us to where we are today. You have driven us to solve problems of greater complexities and pushed us to continue to expand the value we provide to patients.  

Through your vision and faith in us we've made some incredible achievements including increasing access to care with most of your organizations experiencing greater than an 60% cardiac rehab participation rate, published papers on both the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Movn program. We've also changed the medical policies of major health plans to include reimbursement coverage for the Movn virtual cardiac rehab program and waive all co-pays so that patients don't have to forgo getting care because they can't afford it.

Here is what is coming

Our mission as a company is to empower every individual to live a life free of cardiovascular disease. We aim to leverage our several decades of expertise in cardiovascular care to achieve that mission through several new initiatives including –  

Enhancing our product in the following areas  

  • Enhancing our tele-health and reimbursement features to be compliant with payer policies
  • Population level analytics tools to help you better understand your patient population and gain insights
  • Upgrading our infrastructure to further enhance data security and privacy including certifications like HITRUST
  • Constantly improving patient and provider experience to make it more delightful and seamless
  • Deliberately finding opportunities to make our programs available to underserved communities that typically do not participate in CR

Increasing advocacy for virtual cardiac rehab including  

  • Publishing more outcomes to demonstrate the clinical and cost effectiveness of virtual cardiac rehab
  • Engaging payers to continue to reimburse virtual cardiac rehab post the Public Health Emergency
  • Engaging payers to eliminate co-pays and cost sharing for both in-person and virtual CR  
  • Continuing to support regional and national organizations that focus on cardiac rehab and cardiovascular care  

Our commitment to you  

Your partnership is very important to us to achieve these goals. As an extended member of our team, your inputs will be pivotal in helping us make sure that we push our field forward. Our core value is empathy guiding expertise. Consistent with that value, you can continue to expect the following:  

  1. We will continue to listen to your inputs and guidance. Please keep telling us what you want and how we can make your day easier. We want to provide strong value to our customers and respond to your needs.  
  1. We will continue to put patients first. At the end of the day, the reason we exist is to improve patient health and the health of the families and friends that form their social fabric.  
  1. We will continue to trust science and evidence. We take patient’s health and safety very seriously and we will continue to both contribute to and follow scientific guidelines to provide best-in-class care.  
  1. We will not shy away from being bold. We started this company to be ambitious about how we could change cardiovascular care and be part of an evolving movement in bringing care to the patient’s home.  

We’re Just Getting Started  

Having spent several years building Movn into a robust product and service, we are now at an important inflection point in our company’s growth. We are seeing the field of cardiac rehab and cardiovascular care in general expand and extend to new populations. This additional investment allows us to ride that wave and reach many patients who typically can't access care. We’re very proud of everything we’ve achieved – our service, our customer community, our team, and most importantly, the patients we have positively impacted. We’re just getting started. Come join us!  


The Moving Analytics Team

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