Cardiac Rehabilitation Week 2022

February 13, 2022

Happy Cardiac Rehabilitation Week

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week draws attention to the role of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease.

Cardiac Rehab plays a crucial role in the recovery from cardiac events. It consists of exercise, education on heart healthy living, and counseling to help patients live a healthier life and reduce risk of future heart problems.

If you or someone you know has a heart attack or cardiac event, be sure to ask your doctor about cardiac rehabilitation. It is an important part of your recovery and can help you build heart-healthy habits to live and thrive with cardiovascular disease. Don’t miss out on the many health benefits of this important program.

Below are some recipes, tips and tricks to get and keep you motivated to make the necessary changes to maintain a healthier happier life.

  1. To learn more about how cardiac rehab can help in your recovery after a heart problem, click here.
  2. Try this delicious heart healthy recipe for vegetable turkey soup from the American Heart Association.
  3. Watch this fun video on ways to stay physically active during your day from the Centers for Disease Control.
  4. Learn more about how adopting healthy behaviors can strengthen your defenses against COVID-19 and reduce your long term risk of heart problems.

At Moving Analytics, we are dedicated to supporting patients in their recovery with virtual cardiac rehab solutions.

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