Department of Veterans Affairs and Movn Health Study: Smart HEART Trial Shows Movn's Remote Cardiac Rehab Enhances Patient Access and Outcomes

January 18, 2024

Published Study by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Movn Health: The Smart HEART Clinical Trial reveals improvements in outcomes with Movn's Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, a first for a predominantly black population.

Here are some key outcomes from the study:

Of 258 participants, 48% of the population was black, the largest racial percentage.

Patients' 6 Minute Walk Test increased 22m, from 441m to 463m.

Patients reduced their total Cholesterol from 148 to 136 mg/dL.
Furthermore, their LDL-C decreased from 81 vs. 71 mg/dL.

The average completion rate for the Movn Program is 90%.

Patients reduced their Systolic Blood Pressure from 129 vs 125 mmHg and their Diastolic Blood Pressure from 79 vs. 76 mmHg.

Patients' smoking rates reduced from 15% to 10%.

Patients' PHQ-9 scores reduced from 6.1 to 4.4, decreasing their self-reported depressive symptoms by 1.7 points on average.

Dive into the full study here to explore the intricate details and profound implications of our findings for cardiac rehabilitation.

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