Utilizing Virtual Cardiac Rehab to Improve Participation, Cost and HEDIS Measures

April 27, 2022

For the past year Moving Analytics has been doing incredible work with the New York State Department of Health and CDPHP in increasing access to cardiac rehab (CR) in Albany New York. In a recent webinar hosted by the New York Health Plan Association, we shared some of our learnings on how to implement cardiac rehab at a regional level. Listen in to hear how Dr. Bruce Coplin, Sheree Murphy, and Zainab Madgon-Ismail share their motivation and experience. Here are some of the key points discussed.

·   The benefits of cardiac rehab from a health plan and cardiologist perspective

·   Percentage of eligible members who participate in cardiac rehab in New York

·   The barriers that members face in attending cardiac rehab in New York

·   Initiatives to increase CR participation at CDPHP

·   The potential limitations of facility-based CR programs (covid impact)

·   NYS DOH initiatives to increase CR participation

·   Predictors of CR participation

·   Motivators to address the CR participation problem at CDPHP

·   What CDPHP did to make virtual cardiac rehab work

·   The components of the MOVN virtual cardiac rehab program

·   Metrics and results at CDPHP

·   Recommendations for health plan leaders to increase CR participation

We hope you enjoy this engaging webinar and welcome you to reach out to learn more at hello@movinganalytics.com.

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