Moving Analytics Statement Regarding Racial Disparities

June 5, 2020

The last few days in our country have been sad and tragic as many of us have watched George Floyd killed by 4 police officers in a horrific an inhumane way. As a healthcare organization, the phrase "I can't breathe" obligates our calling to ease suffering and preserve life. We are horrified that such a call could not be answered.

This incident has brought to the fore a sad truth that African Americans are often not treated fairly by the police inAmerica and not all lives are treated equal. These events, along with the data from the COVID pandemic show that African Americans and people of color are not treated equally in all facets of society including access to quality healthcare, wealth creation, justice, education and economic opportunity. These disparities are linked to systemic policies like redlining, criminal justice, lack of funding for schools in poor neighborhoods, gentrification, etc. As a society, our subconscious has been trained through the media to think poorly of people of color and associate them with crime, violence, and poverty.

At Moving Analytics, we support and lend our voice to the cry that black lives matter. Racism and prejudice should not be tolerated, and it is time for the police force to adopt new policies to ensure that all people of color are treated fairly and that George Floyd and countless others who are not named, deserve justice. We believe that seeking such a goal is fundamentally linked to the need to keeping every member of our society healthy.

The goal for this statement is to do more than acknowledge. As a company we will commit to the following initiatives to create equity for communities of color including:

·       Implementing bias training in our hiring and recruiting process

·       To intentionally seek out candidates of color in our recruitment processes

·       To intentionally seek out candidates of color in senior leadership and board positions

·       To dedicate significant resources to ensure communities of color have affordable access to our programs.

We would also like to share some actionable suggestions that we are taking as a company internally to create more equity for African Americans and people of color. We outline these actions in the hope that we can encourage other organizations to adopt the same or help us improve our policies further:

·       Encourage everyone to introspect and think about your personal biases towards people of color and how that affects the way you relate with them at work, on the street and society. It is impossible to eliminate bias, but we must strive to overlook them and treat everyone based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin

·       Second, we encourage you to take time to learn more about black history and the everyday experiences/realities of people of color. 

·       Third, exercise the power of your vote. The leaders we vote for and the policies they support, have the biggest potential to solve the racial inequalities people of color experience today. 

Our mission as a company is to empower people to live free of heart disease. Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death for communities of color, particularly African-Americans who have the lowest life-expectancy of all racial/ethnic groups living in theUnited States. Each episode of police brutality has emotional and physiological effects on all individuals and all communities.We stand together with all organizations that work to dismantle systems that create disparities in healthcare, justice, education and economic opportunity.

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