Hot Off the Press: Latest Study Reveals $10,574 Cost Savings Per Patient with Movn Remote Cardiac Rehab

January 25, 2024

We're thrilled to share groundbreaking findings from our latest collaboration with Highmark Health, showcasing the Movn program's potential to revolutionize cardiac rehabilitation. Our study reveals that our remote approach not only delivers clinical outcomes comparable to traditional facility-based care but also significantly reduces the total cost of care—amounting to an average savings of $10,574 per patient enrolled.

Here are some key highlights from the study:

FIG. 1 Movn CR led to a faster enrollment (12.5 days vs 30 days) and higher completion rates (80% vs 50%) compared to facility-based CR.*CR Initiation was sourced as the date of the first appointment with a care manager for the MOVN group, and as the earliest date of claims incurred for cardiac rehab services for the FBCR group.

FIG. 2 underscores the cost-efficiency of the Movn program, showing an impressive average reduction of $10,574 in total medical costs per patient compared to facility-based cardiac rehab. Moreover, it highlights substantial savings across inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services, reinforcing the program's financial advantages over traditional care.

FIG. 3 shows that Movn had lower short-term all-cause hospital admissions and lower long-term cardiovascular admissions compared to facility-based CR

FIG. 4 shows that Movn CR had lower emergency department visit rates for all-cause  and cardiovascular incidents compared to facility-based CR.

Dive into the full study here to explore the intricate details and profound implications of our findings for cardiac rehabilitation.

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