Frequently Asked Questions


What patients do you support?

The Movn program is designed for patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart failure.

Do you work with hospitals that don't have their own cardiac rehab program?

Yes, the Movn program is a full-service program that includes the software, providers and technology. You can simply refer your patients and we will take care of the rest.

What risk levels of patients can participate in the program?

The Movn program is intended for patients who can safely exercise independently at home. We typically enroll low-to-moderate risk patients and in some cases, high-risk patients if they are cleared by their provider.

Is it safe for patients to exercise at home?

Multiple studies show that guided home exercise is safe for appropriate patients, and rates of adverse events are low. We help patients and their caregivers understand their individual exercise prescription and what to do in case of emergency.

What is the evidence behind your product?

Our clinical content/protocols were built in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, have been validated on over 70,000 patients and showed the following outcomes in a peer reviewed study

  • 60% patient uptake
  • 80% completion rate
  • 180 minutes of exercise per week per patient
  • Age range 30-90 years old, median age 57
  • 95% staff and patient satisfaction

    You can learn more on our evidence page.

What’s the ROI for implementing the program?

The ROI for the Movn program depends on the stakeholder.

For health plans, Movn is less expensive to deliver than in-person cardiac rehab. Patients who enroll in our program have a lower readmission reduction rate (10 – 15%) at 12 months compared to patients who do not participate in rehab (30 – 50%).

For Providers:
The Movn program is offered at no cost to the organization because it is covered by several health plans. Providers do not have to have their own cardiac rehab staff to deliver the program. They can simply refer their patients to Movn. The Movn program requires no real estate or staffing to implement and can be implemented in a few days.

For Patients:
The Mpvn program is more convenient, accessible, affordable and personalized than in-person rehab.
We work with most of our health plan partners to waive co-pays for Movn, so the program is more affordable.

Who provides the staffing?

The Movn team consists of cardiologists, nurses, exercise physiologists and nutritionists who deliver the program. We also have our own in-house customer support and technology assistance team.

IT/EMR Integration

Does your system integrate with EMR?


Which EMRs do you support?

We support the major EMRs including EPIC, Cerner and Allscripts.

Is your software HIPAA compliant?


Do you sign BAA?


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